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Feelunique and ITinSell

Craig Wheeler and Emma Louise Veith, respectively CEO ans Customer Experience Manager at Feelunique, explain how ITinSell enables them to offer their customers a premium delivery experience that matches their brand image.

Feelunique is the European leader in the online sale of premium beauty products. The company was founded in 2005 and sells its products in 110 countries and ships nearly 2 million parcels per year.

Feelunique currently distributes approximately 400 product brands and wants to offer a premium online experience similar to a physical store.

One of the main objectives Craig Wheeler set when he joined Feelunique was to find out how to offer the same experience as a luxury brand. One of their challenges in this regard was how to create elegant packaging and how to make it resistant to ensure that it was not damaged.

One of the reasons for ITinSell’s collaboration on this issue is that its solutions make it possible to measure two quality indicators on packaging. The first one: how was the quality of the packaging at the reception? Was it in good condition? And then: did the customer’s experience with the packaging received meet their expectations in terms of quality?

“58% of customers have visited their delivery tracking pages”

One of the new features launched during this collaboration was the ability to follow-up deliveries without tracking. This not only provided a better understanding of the unattended delivery service, but very quickly provided end consumers with up-to-date and real data, retrieved from customers, on the speed of unattended deliveries!

With ITinsell, Feelinique has been able to collect a lot of data essential to optimize their logistics. Among other things, they were able to see that 58% of their customers consulted their delivery tracking.

With regard to delivery evaluations, Feelunique obtains up to 30% feedback from consumers. This is a higher rate than on other evaluation tools such as Feefo or Trustpilot, which generally reach around 10%

“Offering the best customer experience”

E-customers can indicate whether or not they did receive their package, but also if the product has been damaged or if they have received it later than expected. This information is directly available within the solution and proactively identified.

For Feelunique, the settlement of ITinSell solution has not only provided clearer information on how its transporters work and what their consumers think, but has also allowed them to improve in order to offer the best customer experience.

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