Reportings and analysis

Business intelligence
for your e-logistics

Use datamining for your logistics strategy

Use an analytics tool dedicated to the logistical volumes of all your carriers. Generate reports on the status of your shipments that are both objective and independent.
A real decision-making aid : conduct your own analysis using geographical and chronological filters, according to types of products, delivery performance, anomalies encountered, recipient evaluations, etc.

Algorithms and calculation methods developed specifically by ITinSell : all your carriers can now be compared using identical baselines.

Manage your shipments using multi-criteria KPIs

iThoth® is the analytics engine developed by ITinSell.
It is exclusively dedicated to the analysis of logistical data.
This service is offered with the other products in the suite or can be purchased independently.

Reporting on orders

– Analysis of order processing times, preparation times, shipment times or click to possession times.

– Statistics of teams’ performances and time taken internally while also factoring your commitment to clients in terms of quality

Reporting on shipments

– Respect to shipping times (shipping time, handover, holdover, etc.)

– Incidents (investigation, loss, damage, address error, disputed delivery, etc.)

Quality reports

– Processing of Btrust® assessments : customer opinions, quality of delivery, of packaging, etc.

– Management of carriers and logistics services regarding the quality of service experienced by the recipient.

Reporting on integration

– Integration of shipments in the network ( delivery date compared to scan date).

– Comparison between integration information and that measured by the transporter.

Reports according to type

– Analysis of volumes of shipments, distribution per carrier, delivery areas, products, options, etc.

– Profile your shipments according to events encountered (return, held for collection, unsuccessful delivery, direct delivery, etc.)

Invoice reports

– Costs of shipments by carriers, products, services, etc.

– Analysis of results from complaint management

– Help in negotiating carriage contracts : analysis of discounts, progression and growth of volumes, modelling of costs, etc.


Why use iThoth ?

Essential for Logistics, Transport and Purchasing Directors.
Easy to install and secure.
iThoth is used by the largest E-Commerce and Logistics companies.
Constantly enriched with new features.
Unlimited computing power.
Helps manage your employees based on the quality perceived by your customers.
Helps choose carriers suited to your needs.
Free for members of the QS Carrier Benchmark.

More than 1700 companies use our solutions