Track & Trace

The overview
of your shipments

Trace all your shipments in real time

You have access to all the information about your shipments through a single interface. There is no need to use a different solution for each carrier any more.
With a single search, you can find information about all your parcels, along with their current status in the carrier’s network and all the related events (tracing, tracking, incidents, complaints, etc.)

Everything is centralized to ensure that your customer service operates as efficiently as possible.

Proactive management of delivery anomalies

The monitoring of your shipments allows you to detect incidents as soon as they occur.
It will no longer be the customer who notifies you about a delivery incident, as you will already know about it and will have dealt with the issue.
Customer service will also have an automated industrial management complaints tool.

Detection of

– Missing parcels and manifest errors.

– Overdue, blocked or lost shipments.

– Delivery delays and non-compliance with contractual commitments.

personalized complaints

– Automatic check of carrier invoices.

– Damage, theft, disputed deliveries, unjustified returns.

– Stop deliveries, address supplements, manual investigations.

Applying SLAs

– Automated, paperless and centralized management of all your procedures.

– Comprehensive tracking of complaints until closure of the files.

– Expertise and support for managing disputes.


Electronic management of documents for your logistics

iTrack® registers and archives all your logistics information.
Central and simplified access to all your data.

1 Announcement files & shipment data
2 Manifest
3 Shipment status
4 Proof of delivery
5 Complaints & carrier after-sales service
6 Invoices & accounting documents
7 Recipient assessments
8 Your private comments

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