Customer Loyalty

Extend the customer journey right
through the delivery

Extend the purchase tunnel through to delivery

Offer your recipients an integrated delivery experience and interactive tracking of their parcel. Use the process to continue the communication of your brand image and tailor the stages of interaction to meet your customers’ requirements.

For all your carriers, the process becomes consistent, easy and standardized.
The recipient confirms and assesses the delivery. In case of a problem with the delivery, an alert is sent directly to your customer service team and iTrack will automatically manage the procedure to secure compensation from the carrier.

Notify your clients easily !

Send SMS and e-mails during the different stages of shipment process in order to notify and reassure them in case of any issues.

Win over and re-engage your clients based on their delivery experience

Send personalized messages to your clients : thanking them for their purchase, providing a commercial gesture in case of an unsatisfactory shipment, offer special services, etc.

Offer personalized status for shipments

Integrate the shipment status within your brand in order to communicate with your client up until the reception of the package.

Guide your clients step by step

All necessary information is simplified and interactive : maps, operating hours of collection points, Click&Collect, etc.

Assess the shipping experience

Receive shipment confirmations from your clients as well as evaluations based on their shipping experience


Be the single point of contact for delivery

Btrust® tools enable you to oversee the delivery phase.
From purchase through to delivery, you ensure that a strong connection is maintained with your customer.

Management of complaints

– Your customer service department will receive internal reports (SMS and/or e-mail) when your clients declare a non-compliant shipment or if they assess an unsatisfactory shipment.

– Configure the level of satisfaction you seem fit.

– Don’t let your clients leave on a bad note !

personalized status pages

– Fully adaptable according to your graphic charter.

– Tracking banner, fun to use and interactive according to the events.

– Responsive display, including a dedicated mobile version.

– Tracking is hosted by ITinSell and can be integrated into your interface via a web service.

Proactive communication

– Give notice of events in advance (delivery date, non-working days, etc.)

– Anticipate the concerns of your recipients.

– Reduce inbound calls to your customer service team.

– Be proactive and ask for information from your customers in order to avoid missed delivery (extra address info, parcel awaiting collection, etc.)

Optimisation of evaluations

– The recipient confirms or refuses delivery and reports possible damage.

– The delivery is assessed to get the customer’s real feeling about the service (speed, packaging, etc.)

– Have your own reports about the performance of your teams and carriers.

Help with problem-solving

– During shipment, the recipient is informed of the procedures to follow in the event of an incident.

– If damage is declared on delivery, your customer service team is alerted directly, so that the case managed and followed-up by your back-office team.

Adapted to cross-border activities

– Standardize tracking and notifications in all your delivery regions !

– Btrust automatically adapts to your cross-border shipments and to the language of the recipient.

– Available in 9 languages : French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese and Russian. Upon request, you have the possibility of adding another language.

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