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Since 2008, ITinSell offers a new consumer-centric experience while simplifying the Supply Chain management. Our AI, A/B testing and BI combined with our expertise ensure significant ROI to our customers.

Our philosophy: providing operational excellence to e-retailers in order to transform the delivery as a real acquisition, loyalty and even reengagement tool.

ITinSell’s solutions include multi-carriers labels edition, monitoring and tracking of shipments, proactivity for delivery issues, communication to the final customers (notification, follow-up messages, evaluation, etc) and Business Intelligence solution for your shipment flows.

ITinSell also edit the QS Benchmark of Carriers which analyses major European E-retailers and E-Logistics actors’ shipment flows.





As carriers are diversifying and e-consumers’ demands are rising, it has become necessary for e-merchants to set up a centralized system to manage all shipment-related problems : carrier selection, label creation, tracking information, dispute resolution, reporting, etc.

Firstly, the growing number of delivery services is generating new challenges : different software for each carrier, many different price schedules, specifications, training requirements, etc. The accumulation of those obligations amplified by the volumes of shipments has become a real obstacle to the smooth and effective management of the supply chain.

Secondly, the online consumer must be offered the least stressful, and the most positive possible delivery experience. This requires real-time monitoring of each shipment, proactive handling of incidents and customized, dynamic information for each recipient.

Finally, increased competition in the carrier sector requires the use of reporting solutions to analyze shipment costs and performance. Such tools are becoming crucial to drive logistic policies (management of teams, service providers, etc.), conduct precise benchmark analysis and define goals.

Much more than just a simple SRM tool (Supplier Relationship Management), ITinSell strives to offer a connected solution involving all the key players along the supply chain : the shipper, the carrier and the recipient.

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