ITinSell and its partners acquire ASP Serveur’s Sovereign Datacenter

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La Ciotat, 28 June 2022

ITinSell, a SaaS publisher, integrator and hosting provider, has taken a new step in its development.
As part of an external growth operation, ITinSell and its partners have acquired a 3800 m² ISO 27001 and HDS certified sovereign datacenter from Econocom to strategically strengthen its position as a secure data hosting provider.

In association with Kevin POLIZZI, (Jaguar Network/Unitel), Cloud Advice (Bertrand MAUDRY, Bruno BRUHAT and Jean-Baptiste MAUDRY) and Damien DESANTI, current Director of Infrastructures and Production at ASP Serveur, Julien FIETTE, founder and CEO of ITinSell, have finalised the acquisition of ASP Serveur’s datacentre.

ASP Serveur’s development can now fully rely on the expertise of all its teams to offer a new range of high added value and secure sovereign services.

ITinSell is thus consolidating its independence, expanding its offer and its technical skills with an additional team of 14 engineers and experts, and bringing together several hundred new customers and partners under its banner.

Mr. Julien FIETTE, Founder and CEO of ITinSell, comments:
“The acquisition of ASP SERVEUR allows us to have our own sovereign cloud for all our clients, in particular those who require personal data to be hosted outside of GAFAM datacenters as part of their calls for tender.”

For Mr. Kevin POLIZZI, President of the UNITEL Group:
“The consolidation of the hosting market in France is a prerequisite for access to 5G technologies for companies and the development of Edge Computing offers for industries and communities. Cybersecurity issues are now paramount and maintaining one of the sector’s innovative nuggets in France is our priority for the benefit of all.”

Mr. Bertrand MAUDRY, President of Cloud Advice, adds:
“We are delighted to be part of this new venture in order to bring our expertise in terms of managed services and infrastructure and to be able to expand our premium service offering in a dynamic that will be both sovereign, eco-responsible and with high technical added value”

Mr Damien Desanti, Director of Infrastructure and Production at ASP SERVEUR, said:
“My teams are enthusiastically joining a new project that skilfully combines growth and innovation. The takeover of the company from Econocom will enable us to confirm and accelerate all of our CSR actions in support of sustainable transformation by using all the mechanisms of digital transformation (IoT, Data, 5G, etc.) Our goal is a zero carbon footprint by 2025.”

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